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Mobina Galore - "Zoë (It Ripped Me Apart)" flexi

Mobina Galore - "Zoë (It Ripped Me Apart)" flexi

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Released 2019 | Gunner Records


In November 2016 my cousin Brooke's world turned upside down when the doctors told her, just a few weeks shy of her babies due date, that there was no heartbeat.

"No one got to know our baby, our Zoë; only I got to experience her entire life, every second of it until the last one.”

I wrote this song to honour and cherish little Zoë forever. Brooke said, “We don't have protocol for this type of death in our culture. Condolences can often be confusing and awkward, unintentionally leaving the bereaved family hurt and isolated. For instance when losing a parent, you hear things like ‘I'm sorry to hear of your moms passing, she was a great person. I remember this time when she <fill in the blank>', with miscarriage or stillbirth there are no <fill in the blanks> only 'what could have beens'.”

Brooke was compelled to help facilitate a similar experience that she had in the hospital for families who endure perinatal loss at any stage of pregnancy. "These are the very families that we are trying to console with Twinkle Star Project.”

I hope to have this video and song shine a light on Pregnancy Loss Awareness and help families heal knowing they have support from their communities. Brooke said it best in that we find a way to honour their child’s lives and continue to do so in the days, months and years to come.

All proceeds from the purchase of this song will be donated to Twinkle Star Project. You can also donate directly via their website which also has a resource page for those wanting more information on other Saskatchewan and Canadian organizations.

Twinkle Star Project - Handmade momentos for babies gone too soon (SK/Canada)

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