Revel Records & Merch Co.

Est. 2023 by Jenna Priestner from the band Mobina Galore. We are based in Winnipeg, Canada.

For years I've wanted to open up a cute little storefront in a cute little town, turns out it's a bit more cost effective to open up a cute little online storefront instead! I love selling merch, at shows and online, so I decided to open up this shop. One of the initial ideas was to help friends in local bands who's merch just sits in boxes between gigs. The idea quickly grew into helping out any artists worldwide distribute music and merch from right here in Canada. Starting with bands and artists I have existing relationships with.

I work in many different ways; wether you have existing merch or are looking for help getting new merch printed, I can help facilitate the whole process. I am interested in working with bands, artists and business as well - such as venues, breweries and writers. Please contact me if you'd like to work together using the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

The label will eventually be up and running with a few initial releases planned for next year. For now the focus will be on merch.


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